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Why work with me to find your next home to rent? Well...why not? My tenant services are FREE.

The landlord of the property pay’s me a commission for bringing them a five-star tenant. Over the years I’ve created great relationships with investors/owners of great condos and houses for you to choose from. Landlords chose to invest in the help of a trusted rental expert to secure reliable tenants such as yourself. So, when I assist you in your property search, you pay absolutely nothing!  Also:

  • I give you access to all current  rental listings in your desired neighborhood, including properties other potential tenants won't yet know about. 
  • I arrange showings where I will make sure the property is a great fit for you.
  • I organize all the documents and paperwork ensuring the legal side of the renting in Ontario goes smoothly.


To rent a Toronto home or condo, you will need to provide certain documents to a landlord, including but not limited to a credit check, proof of employment, and a rental application. In a competitive rental market, having these documents reviewed, organized, and prepared by an experienced rental professional before your property search, will give you a better chance at securing a property before other potential tenants.


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